Beat Frei

the Incantations
the Incantations Album was a project with Dale Powers in 1995, 8 Songs recorded at Soundlab 111.
5 Videoclips resulted out of the great teamwork, you can find them HERE
Kevin Bullen, Richard Earl, Benny Ross, Gib Monks, Malika Mamouq, Stella Dolemsky, Sharon Harris, Stef Klaer, Antonio Divita. special thanks to Fido Koelliker, Louis Maiello, Doug Stevens, Urs Reusser, Ines Savini, Serge, Guido, Michi, Andy D, Christian Paulsson & Hanspeter Frei. edited by Thomas Willy & Beat Frei. All music composed by Dale Powers & Beat Frei.
1 Black cat skull 2 funky la volta 3 Witches Brew 4 love is the law 5 Voodoo kitchen 6 Open up your eyes 7 love calls 8 Bone gel
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