Beat Frei

Choreographie: Alba Carbonell Castillo
Musik: Beat Frei
Video: Tabea Rothfuchs / David Fortmann
Text : Lena Frei

Everybody knows the image of the three monkeys covering their eyes, mouth and ears. Originally, in ancient Japan, they stood for the ideal way to deal with evil. Today the image is used for people who look the other way when bad things happen. But what would it be like if we tried to look at the image from a different side? What do we actually see, hear or say? Where does the information we have come from? Who decides what is true or false? In times like these, how can an individual find his or her own opinion and distinguish it from what other people have said? Is it, in the end, maybe better to be like the three monkeys, blind, deaf or mute?

4. SAN SARU from Beat Frei on Vimeo.