Beat Frei

A child dreams. An adults evaluates, balances, judges and decides. We fulfil a task only to fail with the next. We love people, we leave them, get cynical about life, hopes and dreams. What does a child know! Our journey goes on. the distance ever expanding. But whatever we do, whomever we are: the child we were is within us. It has the curiosity of the unexperienced, the confidence of the individual. It remembers the endless possibilities when everything was an expanding potential of growth. The child's ideas are what makes an adult grow, go all the way. Carrying the core in the centre, steering the journey in an ever expanding spiral. The child dreams. The adult grows. The adult knows. It may end. The adult knows? The child dreams. What does a child know? Dream.

ESPIRAL from Beat Frei on Vimeo.

Violo-Vino S.mp3

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